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Ellie Jones (née Clifton) has been involved in the homelessness sector for 15 years, including volunteering as a reporter with The Pavement 2005-06. She now lives in the West Midlands and works for a Birmingham-based homelessness charity.

  February 11th 2011

B&Bs are very expensive, so local authorities should warm to the idea of winter shelters.

In December, the national Christian charity Housing Justice (HJ) launched 'Shelter in a Pack' to advise churches how to provid...

  December 9th 2010

...a shelter opens in Birmingam

In mid-November, Birmingham City Council released a statement about cold weather provision. Basic overnight shelter at the Sal...

  October 1st 2010

Crisis aims to replicate its success elsewhere

Skylight, the arts, education, training and employment skills project run by homelessness charity Crisis, has come to Birmingh...


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