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Amy decided to put roots down in Oxford after finishing her Masters degree at Oxford University in 2010. She now works for Oxford Homeless Pathways, juggling her job with freelance feature writing and reviewing.

  March 7th 2012

Former rough sleeper is living in a Brooklyn condo with his girlfriend - and the work is flooding in

  This time last year, The Pavement introduced you to Ted Williams (Golden voice of NBA), the homeless man with the so-cal...

  April 16th 2011

Skinny Steve is hard to ignore

A Southampton Solent University student has teamed up with a local homelessness charity to launch a guerrilla campaign to prom...

  March 10th 2011

Is the Mayor‘s 2012 target achievable or even desirable?

Designed to bring together all parts of the homelessness sector, a meeting of agencies took place at London's Bloomsbury Bapti...

  December 9th 2010

Charities accuse broadcaster of irresponsibility and exploitation

Channel 4 has come under fire after broadcasting scenes of a 16-year-old girl shooting up on a hard-hitting documentary about ...

  December 9th 2010

Act used to assist the Highland clearances has wiped out squatting north of the border

Squatting is the act of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied building that the squatters do not own, rent or otherwise have pe...

  December 9th 2010

Homelessness charities welcome "a victory of homeless people in Scotland"

When the Scottish Parliament passed Scotland's Housing Bill at Holyrood on Wednesday, 3 November, it signalled a victory for h...

  November 2nd 2010

Jeremy Swain slaps the mayor‘s wrist

A leading homelessness charity has criticised Boris Johnson, mayor of London, for giving money to a man begging in Leicester S...

  November 2nd 2010

A gift to fundraisers or homelessness tourism?

Homeless charities and organisations arranging sponsored sleep-outs have come under fire from the chief executive of a leading...


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