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  October 7th 2011

Durham police chiefs claim rough sleeping leads to shoplifting and aggressive begging

  City authorities in Durham and Chester are searching for rough sleepers and trying to move them off the streets, again u...

  September 17th 2011

The government has called for criminalisation of squatting

  The government last month issued a consultation paper proposing the criminalization of squatting in order to end what th...

  July 8th 2011

Banning panhandling would not survive legal challenges, say critics

  An anti-poverty activist has warned that attempts to ban panhandling in the Canadian city of London would meet with sign...

  July 8th 2011

From homeless teenager to rising actor - and all it takes is hope, he says

  For many readers, it might be hard at times to believe life will ever improve. But James McCabe is an example of how thi...

  June 9th 2011

Vendors express concern about increased number of people selling the mag

  Big Issue vendors have expressed concern that the decision to allow the unemployed to sell the magazine may make it hard...

  May 13th 2011

Huggard Centre users’ safety most important, says chief exec

A homeless centre in Cardiff was evacuated and searched by police on 29 March after a threatening phone call was received rela...

  April 16th 2011

Entire cast sleep rough at Gatwick airport

When Anthony Delaney was given an ASBO for sleeping rough at an airport, he probably never imagined what his conviction would ...

  April 16th 2011

Homeless patients benefit from joined-up thinking

When a female homeless patient was discharged from University College Hospital London recently, she might have expected this t...

  March 10th 2011

Life can sometimes be a rollercoaster, says author

The writer Tom Gamble has been placed on the shortlist for a major literary prize for a novel which was partly influenced by h...

  December 9th 2010

Housing minister criticises squatters advisory service

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has stepped up pressure against squatters, issuing guidelines to property owners about actions t...

  December 9th 2010

Decision shows that all citizens have rights, says the plaintiff‘s lawyer

Two Canadian police officers who rounded up local homeless people and drove them around in a hot van for over an hour have bee...


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