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Fraser has been a press, broadcast and magazine journalist. He also has communications and PR experience in sectors including social housing, charities and local government.

  May 11th 2012

Twelve new homes becoming available for ex-service personnel

  Homelessness is not something that “only happens to somebody else” and should never be so regarded. It is, i...

  April 10th 2012

New report suggests that incompatible priorities between homeless people and support agencies are keeping people on the streets

  Support agencies are ostensibly there to provide support for homeless people, but can often be handicapped from doing so...

  March 7th 2012

 Find out about support and advice from the Pathways to Recovery srevice

  Forty-six-year-old Mark Cashmore was, at one time, a successful IT consultant with his own business and married with a...

  February 11th 2012

 Number of homeless people has doubled in five years, but will the new consortium help?

  Coventry City Council has given the go-ahead to budget cuts - disguised as freezes - which are likely to have devastati...

  December 10th 2011

Social enterprise founder wants to help others who have found themselves drug-dependent

  Jason Turner has stared into the abyss and come back from the brink. He’s the founder of iSore Media. For 22 year...

  November 8th 2011

Homeless Midlanders feature in low-budget independent film

  Homeless people in the Midlands are set to become stars of the silver screen thanks to filmmaker Fabrizio Frederico and ...

  October 7th 2011

 Soul legend Martha Reeves helps social entrepreneur set up in Motown

  In 1984, a 21-year-old visionary by the name of Thomas Harvey-Berwick, rented a crumbling and dilapidated house in Wolve...

  September 17th 2011

The Jericho Foundation‘s new wood recycling scheme points the way

  “This is an opportunity to stretch myself and adapt to working in a fast-growing business.” “I have co...

  July 8th 2011

Events will celebrate the lives of people whose deaths are often ignored

  It’s a comforting fallacy that the plans we make for life will one day become a reality. The uncomfortable truth, ...

  June 9th 2011

PCT comes up with a year’s funding for clients with a broad range of issues and gives gives the Coventry Cyrenians a new lease of life

  In the March edition of The Pavement, we brought you the sad but, as it turns out, premature news that the Coventry Cyre...

  June 8th 2011

Film set in New Zealand hostel reminds homelessness professionals why they got involved in the first place

  Last month’s Pavement featured a review of The Insatiable Moon, a film set in and around a New Zealand hostel, whe...

  May 13th 2011

Charity fears impact on access and quality

Leading charity Homeless Link has approached Birmingham City Council to offer its support and to express its deep concern over...

  April 16th 2011

World Book Night and Turning Point give out Spark‘s classic

Placing her faith in the power of the written word, Laura James, an outreach worker at Turning Point Birmingham Drugline, appl...

  March 10th 2011

People in greatest need being prioritised, says CEO

Cuts, cuts and more cuts is the current economic mantra, of course; sadly, Coventry Cyrenians is the latest in a long line of ...

  February 11th 2011

Service is not duplicated by other organisations, says spokesperson

The Birmingham Tribunal Unit (BTU), an independent voluntary organisation established in 1986 to provide free welfare benefits...


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