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Dearbhla is a freelance journalist specialising in humanitarian, environmental and socio-political issues. Her experience lies within many different facets of the media world, from the Ecologist, London, to the Gulf Daily News, Bahrain.

  May 11th 2012

Salvation Army refuses to get involved in political arena by providing documentation

  Homeless Florida resident Bruce Shawen was forced to pull out of the race for Orlando City Council after shelters such a...

  March 7th 2012

How homeless people across Europe have coped  in temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius

  The cold weather has taken its toll across the Continent Homeless people across Europe are falling victim to the cold s...

  February 11th 2012

At least 1,169 bed spaces in England were lost between March 2010 and March 2011, but the boost will add only 31

  A $42.5m government funding boost for homeless hostels will only result in an increase of 31 bed spaces countrywide, acc...

  November 8th 2011

Rough sleepers disrupt worshippers and highlight need for a night shelter

  Homeless campers at an Ipswich graveyard are to be evicted over concerns that a recent rise in the number of rough sleep...

  September 17th 2011

 Critics say tabards will damage vendors‘ image

  The Big Issue has sparked further controversy over allegations that vendors are forced to pay for tabards bearing the lo...

  September 17th 2011

Senior leadership team isn’t cutting its pay, despite cuts and job losses among the lower paid, complains union rep

  Strike action is being threatened by staff at leading homelessness charity Centrepoint over proposed cutbacks, following...


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