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Elizabeth is a social enterprise consultant by day and enjoys writing for The Pavement by night. Her interest lies in community development, social and environmental issues and culture. She is a Birmingham University graduate and director of a media-based social enterprise that provides opportunities for people recovering from addictions.

  June 15th 2012

 A £10m project reaches a stunning finish 

  The future of homeless living has come to Birmingham with the revolutionary renovation of the former Snow Hill hostel. H...

  April 10th 2012

Homeless people have to discuss sensitive issues within earshot of other members of the public 

  A council-run advice service in Burton-in-Trent has been criticised for denying privacy to vulnerable people seeking hou...

  March 7th 2012

 A new short film starring a Stoke on Trent actor shows some hope

  For such a pertinent issue, it’s fair to say homelessness has been given short shrift by the film industry. So ami...

  February 11th 2012

 Unprovoked and ferocious attack lead to fatal head injuries 

  A 35-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a homeless man following a vicious attack at a Birmingham bus stop...

  February 11th 2012

Five days, 1,345 meals, chiropody and company...

  One of Birmingham’s oldest homeless shelters opened its doors and kitchens to hundreds of guests over Christmas, p...

  December 10th 2011

No surprise, but ‘efficiency savings’ are going to affect services

  Birmingham City Council’s extensive public consultations disclose plans to reduce funding for ‘at risk&rsquo...

  October 7th 2011

 Renowned photographer Paul Wenham-Clarke marks the Big Issue’s 20th anniversary with Hard Times, an award-winning exhibition with homelessness at its heart

  Sean and Charlotte are pictured in the back seat of a car, his head resting upon her chest, her arm draped lovingly arou...


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