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Emma works as a copywriter in London, and has also spent the past six years youth working at her home town in Essex.

  October 7th 2014

Film about a recovering teenage addict with mental health issues is nominated in the Recovery Street Film Festival

A film about a 19-year-old recovering addict with mental health issues has been nominated as the winning entry in the Recovery S...

  June 4th 2014

A Spanish ventriloquist highlights the positive impact of selling the  Big Issue

A new short documentary about a Spanish Big Issue vendor, based on the Strand and looking to rebuild her life, premiered at Apri...

  April 5th 2014

Veterans Aid will get £56k to provide emergency accommodation, treat alcohol dependency and provide education and training

Long-standing charity Veterans Aid is set to receive £56,000 to provide emergency accommodation, treat alcohol dependency ...

  March 21st 2013

Football-style system aims to reduce rough sleeping in Victoria

  Police are piloting a project in London that could see yellow and red card warnings used to deter anti-social behaviour....

  February 5th 2013

Homeless man remanded in prison awaiting trial

  A homeless man has been arrested and charged with the murders of two Big Issue vendors in Birmingham City Centre on 11 J...

  December 11th 2012

It‘s no longer a pilot, and it‘s being rolled out across the UK

  Two-and-a-half years on and still thought of as being in its pilot phase, London’s No Second Night Out is an initi...

  June 16th 2012


  March’s change to the Legal Aid and Sentencing Bill means that it will be a matter of months before squatting in r...

  April 10th 2012

Confiscated cash will keep homeless charity afloat

  Homeless charity Borderline, which supports hundreds of Scottish people living in London, feared closure last month afte...

  April 10th 2012

Suit company teams up with homeless charities to raise the odds of interview success

  With the level of unemployment in 2012 predicted to remain around 8.5 per cent - still its highest level since 1995 - ge...

  December 10th 2011

 Brothers found guilty of murdering homeless Swansea man

  Two men have been found guilty of murdering a homeless man in Swansea in January. Brothers Darren Rigdon, 34, and Chris...

  November 8th 2011

 Locals complain of aggressive behaviour, prostitution and theft

  Aggressive behaviour, prostitution and theft are just some of the problems at a Cambridge hostel to have recently attrac...


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