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  December 11th 2012

Does your day centre allow you to plug your mobile in?

  Earlier this month a homeless man in Florida, 28-year-old Darren Kersey, was jailed after being caught charging his phon...

  November 4th 2012

Data company SSentif‘s highlights local differences

The 25 per cent rise in homelessness over the past three years has coincided with cuts in funding to services, according to data...

  November 4th 2012

Homeless people more likely to become infected with TB, HIV and Hepatitis C says new report

Homeless people worldwide are significantly more likely to become infected with TB, HIV and Hepatitis C than those in housing,...

  July 18th 2012

Bath salts not to blame for attack on homeless man

  The US and the rest of the world was shocked in May by reports of a horrific ‘cannibal’ attack on a homeles...

  May 11th 2012

No action taken on destitute man putting himself in danger

  On the 19 March this year a 55-year-old man was arrested after allegedly urininating on the Cambridgeshire Constabulary ...

  March 7th 2012

Official figures show numbers are up by almost a quarter in one year

  Councils across the country saw a startling rise in rough sleepers last year with some figures growing by almost one hun...

  February 11th 2012

DNA results expected before the end of the month

  A pile of bones found in Bath woods shortly after Christmas have still not been identified, Police have confirmed. The r...

  December 10th 2011

Homeless communities continue to come and go unnoticed

  While the world’s media is busy focusing on the so-called Tent Cities of the Occupy movement, the Tent Cities of A...


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