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  September 27th 2009

Simon Community street count reveals higher numbers sleeping rough

An independent street count of London's homeless has recorded a 50 per cent increase in the number of people sleeping rough, des...

  September 27th 2009

Another street count raises questions amid allegations of dubious tactics

An official head count of rough sleepers within Westminster recorded an increase in the number of homeless in the area, amid all...

  September 27th 2009

Practical measures to eliminate homelessness

Green Pastures, the organisation that launched a campaign to provide housing to the homeless using ethical investment (see Issue...

  September 27th 2009

Reverend Moffatt denies council pressure was behind his decision.

"We felt safe there. The church's action has made us all vulnerable." The words of one rough sleeper who was moved on from St Lu...

  September 27th 2009

Church move-on was an exercise in displacement, resettlement figures suggest

St Luke's in Chelsea has become the latest London Church to remove rough sleepers from its grounds. On 3rd August, a letter from...

  September 27th 2009

Having eradicated homelessness in his neighbourhood, Pastor Pete has his eye on the rest of the UK

Pastor Pete Cunningham has eradicated homelessness in his local neighbourhood, and is now planning to spread his solution across...

  September 27th 2009

Westminster Council‘s new strategy will see many street outreach teams cut

On July 1, Westminster Council's controversial Building Based Service (BBS) model was implemented. Aimed at shifting provision f...

  September 27th 2009

Many soup runs are a "waste of effort and resources", says Westminster Council

With 65 soup runs operating in central London, getting fed on the streets has never been easier, according to Westminster Counci...

  September 27th 2009

We are following Glamour and becoming a pocket-sized A5 magazine

After the Guardian went Berliner and Glamour magazine topped sales lists by fitting inside a handbag, it's time for this paper t...

  May 19th 2009

Outreach workers in Westminster are facing the axe as the council‘s latest homelessness strategy - a move to building-based services - gets set for roll out.

From July, the new initiative will see a reduction in measures that may help sustain lives on the street - including soup runs a...


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