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  June 29th 2013

Underground homes extended under the city, say local police

Kansas City Police have evicted a series of hole-dwellers after their underground homes, which extended beneath the city, were d...

  May 20th 2013

American who won $50k plans to remain a rough sleeper and give away much of his newfound fortune

  An American homeless man who won $50,000 on a scratch card ticket has told how he plans to remain a rough sleeper and gi...

  May 20th 2013

Ian Young‘s book It’s Not About Me! has been written to help others break free from debilitating addictions

For 13 years, Ian Young lived as a traveller, a raver and a DJ at illegal events, turning to drug trafficking, smuggling and dea...

  March 21st 2013

Rough sleeper with 28 convictions repatriated to Poland

  A rough sleeper who had been arrested 34 times and convicted of 28 offences has been sent back to his native Poland. Pi...

  March 21st 2013

Westminster Council will not prevent charities from distributing food to homeless people

  Westminster City Council has categorically denied rumours that charity groups will be prevented from distributing food t...

  February 5th 2013

“Everybody out there is somebody’s mother, father, brother, sister,” says homeless hero

  A homeless man and another who was recently homeless are being hailed as heroes after putting a stop to a robbery in Cin...

  December 11th 2012

Fire that claimed the lives of three rough sleepers still being investigated

  A fire that claimed the lives of three rough sleepers in Streatham, London, earlier this month remains under investigati...

  March 7th 2012

Removing Peterborough man’s income would help him face up to homelessness, according to Peterborough officials 

  A rough sleeper in Peterborough was banned from selling the Big Issue by council officials who were urging him to &ldquo...

  February 11th 2012

Serial killer was a role model before he servied in Iraq

  A 23-year-old man faces the death penalty for the brutal stabbing of four homeless men in Orange County, California. It...


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