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  November 4th 2012

Illegal beer operations emerge from new Skid Row property law

A recent court ruling has prohibited Los Angeles’s law enforcement officers from seizing objects off Skid Row’s si...

  November 4th 2012

Number of Scottish homeless people falls, but concerns remain about housing shortage

The number of homeless people in Scotland is falling as a result of new measures, but concerns have been raised over the lack ...

  July 18th 2012

South Ayrshire and Midlothian the only council areas to see an overall increase

  Homelessness figures have dropped by nearly a fifth, according to the latest Scottish government statistics. Between 20...

  April 10th 2012

Proposed 200 per cent levy would help tackle the housing shortage crisis, says SLP

  The Scottish Labour Party is proposing the introduction of a 200 per cent council tax levy on empty properties across Sc...


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