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  May 23rd 2009

The Soho hostel will not be providing accommodation after renovation work begins

We mentioned the future for 'new residents' in our article last month on the women's hostel in Soho. But now Eluned Santos, Chie...

  May 23rd 2009

Simon will continue to operate the property as a move-on house for at least the next six months

Rumours reached The Pavement that the Simon Community's accommodation in Hackney was closing. But on inspection it appears the s...

  May 22nd 2009

The humble public lavatory is on the decline in London

A recent report stated that the number of public lavatories in London has fallen by 40 per cent in the last six years. That's on...

  May 22nd 2009

You may think a church would be the last place to turn away those in need, but this is just what has happened at the parish church of St Marylebone

The St Marylebone parish church, in conjunction with Westminster Council, has moved on a group of rough sleepers who bedded down...

  May 22nd 2009

The Street Cafe is a chance to find a little peace, have a cup of tea and read the paper

The Simon Community celebrated 10 years of its Street Cafe on June 27. Between 5pm and 7pm, regulars, invitees, trustees, vo...

  May 22nd 2009

Capital A aims to make London galleries more accessible with tours and workshops

A new organisation has launched in London to join the likes of SMart and Crisis Skylight. Capital A is made up of four volunteer...

  May 22nd 2009

The centre has set up a project so homeless people can learn a range of trades that could secure a college place, a job and a career

If you want to get back to work but don't feel you have the right skills, help is at hand. The West London Day Centre (WLDC), wo...

  May 21st 2009

September numbers for Westminster

A Westminster street count on 27th September revealed 108 rough sleepers, plus 33 A8 nationals....

  May 21st 2009

Stratford man killed just days before he was to move off the street

A man who was sleeping rough was murdered in the early hours of Saturday 9th September. Gary Turner, 43, was found dead in St...

  May 21st 2009

Centre gives the all-clear... and changes its loo cleaner

An incident in the showers at St Martin's (CSTM) caused a bad smell and a member of staff to be taken to hospital. In the wee...

  May 21st 2009

Our post-9/11 world means that airports are less welcoming to the homeless

People who used to bed down in airports are finding it difficult in the post 9/11 world. Although many reasons are given for ...

  May 19th 2009

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) believes homeless people need to be given broadband

John Prescott's office produced a report at the start of November that said the use of the internet should be increased amongst ...


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