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Ian is a graduate of The Pavement's journalism training course, Word On The Street: London.

  December 6th 2016

Crisis at Christmas can be a turning point, says Pavement volunteer Ian Kalman, who claimed it helped him find a way off the streets

It was coming up to Christmas 2007 and I was living on the streets of London. I had never heard of Crisis at Christmas before an...

  October 6th 2016

Ian Kalman experiences the supportive atmosphere at London’s Dragon Cafe first hand, and mental health nurse Christina Clarke explains why projects like this are so vital.

It’s a Monday afternoon at the Dragon Café and I am watching a group of people doing T’ai Chi. Meanwhile in t...

  May 13th 2016

A longstanding member of Cardboard Citizens finds out what the company means to homeless people

Pavement volunteer Ian Kalman – a longstanding member of Cardboard Citizens – finds out more about what the company ...

  December 19th 2015

Ian Kalman slept rough for 18 months. Here’s what he learned...

Ian Kalman was a rough sleeper for 18 months – he wouldn’t advise it, but he’s managed to stay alive. Here&rsq...

  September 16th 2015

Eight years ago Ian was reborn. After reading this, you  might see you have had a rebirth too...

I am 60 years old. And I am eight years old. You may ask how. I will tell you. Eight years ago I was reborn. No, I am not some ...


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