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Naomi Glass works as an Environmental Educator at Spitalfields City Farm and wrote for the Pavement between 2006 and 2008.

  July 11th 2009

The Big Issue founder tells us his (Bird‘s eye) views on what lies in store for those with no fixed abode

John Bird is not a man of few words. Famed for founding The Big Issue and - more recently - for speaking out about the vulnerabl...

  May 21st 2009

The UK needs more social housing, says Housing Justice

A housing advice charity has called for more social housing in the UK, as their government funding is put under threat. The G...

  May 21st 2009

Improve housing rights for people with children, says Housing Justice

Housing Justice is calling on the government to improve housing rights for families with children and single parent families. Th...

  May 19th 2009

To consent or not to consent? The Pavement has learned that when it comes to CHAIN (the Combined Homeless and Information Network), some people are included on this system without their agreement

CHAIN is a computerised information-sharing database system run by Broadway. The database, accessible to registered users only, ...

  May 19th 2009

Poncho aims to check the welfare of anyone sleeping rough in the City... in the very early hours

City of London police officers, along with the City's Drug Action Team and St Mungo's, have been approaching rough sleepers in t...

  May 19th 2009

St Petersburg is home to a ‘self-governing community‘

America is leading the way in homeless communities. A city of tents huddled together has become a viable alternative for the hom...

  May 19th 2009

Following the interview last issue, John Bird‘s day (with liberal doses of controversy)

"I'm known as the late John Bird. I'm always late and I never stop talking. But my day starts early. I wake up at 6am to look af...


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