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Teo Kermeliotis specialises in international affairs, financial news and human rights issues. After working as a producer for radio programmes in the UK and Greece, he moved to print and online journalism, reporting and writing news stories and features for national publications and websites, including openDemocracy, the Times and others.

  February 4th 2010

Another interesting cycling project

Homeless people in north London are encouraged to take part in bicycle workshops as part of a drive to help them back into emplo...

  February 4th 2010

A German artist fuses art, architecture and design to create Instant Housing

A German artist has been fusing art, architecture and design to create innovative life systems that can be used by homeless peop...

  November 13th 2009

The City is trialling new powers to curb ‘antisocial‘ behaviour

The police have been given new powers to curb anti-social behaviour in central London following an increase in the number of com...

  September 27th 2009

Jazz singer visits St Mungo hostel as part of the charity‘s birthday celebrations

French-American jazz artist Madeleine Peyroux broke off her world tour on 15th April to visit St Mungo's Endell Street hostel in...

  September 27th 2009

Some of the affected "may find that services they were using have been withdrawn as all agencies face funding problems”, warns charity CEO

The number of homeless people living in London has jumped 15 per cent in the last year, figures compiled on the government's beh...

  September 27th 2009

Officials violated a church‘s constitutional rights, the state Supreme Court rules

Officials in Seattle violated a church's constitutional rights when they refused to consider a land-use permit to set up a tent ...

  September 10th 2009

Joint operations between the city council and the police revealed none of the people arrested were homeless

Walking in the steps of Sherlock Holmes, Leicestershire officers have discovered a growing number of modern-day imitators of Art...

  May 26th 2009

Albert Kennedy Trust pulls out after council u-turn and refusal to fund their work

Brighton and Hove leaders have backed out of proposals to sign up to the specialist work of the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), a ch...

  May 24th 2009

Party leader finds Sheffield visit "a fascinating and eye-opening experience"

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg joined Sheffield's city agencies in the early morning hours of 11th October to tour around th...

  May 24th 2009

We look at cold weather provision for London‘s rough sleepers

Rough sleepers in London congregated at emergency shelters as freezing temperatures forced homelessness charities to offer their...

  May 24th 2009

Anti-poverty campaigners in the US have been relocating homeless families into vacant properties

Anti-poverty campaigners in the US have been relocating homeless families hit by the foreclosure crisis into vacant properties, ...

  May 23rd 2009

Charity staff are unhappy with increased working hours and the ending of permanent incremental salary rises

Housing and homelessness charity Shelter is facing pressure to resolve its ongoing pay and hours conflict with its workforce in ...

  May 23rd 2009

Undercover tycoon gives The Connection ten grand

An entrepreneur has donated £10,000 to The Connection at St Martin's day centre, London, after going undercover for 10 da...

  May 22nd 2009

A decent home and a job are key factors in reducing re-offending

Amid discussions on the Criminal and Immigration Bill on 5th February, Lord Ramsbotham revealed plans for the creation of a new ...

  May 22nd 2009

Tasteless reality TV show participants were exploited, says Denver Rescue Mission

In front of a pile of rubbish and newspapers, five American rough sleepers use an advertiser's deodorant and are instantly surro...

  May 22nd 2009

Paul Vickers is filmed being struck repeatedly over the head and body with a wheel brace

Four teenagers were convicted last month for causing life-threatening injuries to a defenceless man who was sleeping in a bus sh...

  May 19th 2009

"My name‘s Alan. You know my name - Alan. What‘s my name? It‘s Alan"

A homeless man was attacked, sustaining ear injuries, by actor Alan Davies outside a nightclub in the busy streets of West End i...

  January 2nd 1970

Accessing help has become more difficult for rough sleepers

Accessing help has become more difficult for rough sleepers in Manchester after council bosses changed the location of soup ...


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