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Val Stevenson is book reviews editor of a consumer magazine, author of a few books, occasional lecturer, editor of an award-winning arts and politics site and webmistress of The Pavement.

  July 1st 2013

Could you be our part-time Interim Executive Director?

  We are looking for a part-time Interim Executive Director to provide The Pavement with inspiring leadership, passion, in...

  April 12th 2013

We look at the longer-term effects of Section 144 of of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act, which criminalised squatting in residential buildings

  Last September, after a brief consultation period during which it issued inaccurate and often sensationalist statements ...

  February 5th 2013

A young homeless woman is discharged from hospital less than two days after nearly dying.

  A young homeless woman was discharged from Charing Cross Hospital less than two days after nearly dying. The teenager w...

  June 16th 2012

John Healy was going nowhere fast until he was introduced to chess

  On 25 May, Barbaric Genius, a documentary about the rise and fall (and rise?) of John Healy opened. It’s an odd fi...

  December 9th 2010

A year after Birmingham was found guilty of gatekeeping, it runs into more little legal difficulties

In the December 2009 case of Kelly & Mehari v Birmingham City Council (BCC), the council was found guilty of gatekeeping -...

  December 7th 2009

Homeless move-on project takes shape

Representatives from a number of homeless organisations have visited Container City (pictured), in the south of England, to di...

  July 11th 2009

Virtual people with a real following

A blog about a virtual homeless family has become a real-life internet sensation. Robin Burkinshaw, a games design student at An...

  May 25th 2009

Pete Postlethwaite opens a new Islington shelter where foxes previously lived

Pete Postlethwaite, the star of The Age of Stupid, recently turned up in north London to open Shelter from the Storm, a new cent...

  May 19th 2009

Homeless people in Camden won‘t get ASBOs just for being homeless, but...

Camden Council has appointed Tom Preest, formerly head of the borough's street population services with a £1.3m budget, as...


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