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Andrew Zapletal works with homeless people with substance misuse and mental health problems.

  September 26th 2009

Many boroughs are reluctant to work with A8 clients because of the political and financial implications of providing them with services

Nearly half the homeless agencies working with A8 nationals show that their clients had alcohol as a support need, according to ...

  May 24th 2009

Stopping smoking of crack and/or heroin must have tobacco smoking cessation factored in

Why does the "health aspect" within the drugs treatment industry find so hard to make connections for themselves and wilfully di...

  May 24th 2009

Rightly or wrongly, when you use drugs in chaotic and harmful way, you abrogate many of your rights, and society turns against you

The debate between the 12-step treatment providers and the 12-step membership and mainstream drug/alcohol services goes on, so I...

  May 23rd 2009

The ‘Supporting People‘ guidelines might have seemed like a good idea at the time

Moving out of hostel accommodation into their own flats in two years. Is this viable? Under current 'Supporting People' (SP) gui...

  May 22nd 2009

The Polish organization with a mission to support excluded groups is very much about giving people a chance to help themselves

Four years ago, the Poles arrived on British shores. A trickle soon became a flood. They got off buses at Victoria, laughing and...

  May 19th 2009

Prison may be the last chance to work with homeless, chronically dependent users

A missed opportunity: jail. Our current system of criminalising the chronic substance abuser is allowing the most needy and d...

  May 19th 2009

Any agency taking government money to deliver a drug strategy is legitimising its stance on drug prohibition

Can I - with my hand on my heart, and looking at the broader picture - take money from the government as a drugs worker? Do I tr...

  May 19th 2009

The relationship between the public sector - including the NHS - and the public is being redefined

Under current legislation, why and how do service providers and policy makers keep their finger on the pulse about issues around...

  May 19th 2009

Being alerted that drugs are contaminated or of a different strength after people OD is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted

Being alerted that drugs are contaminated or of a different strength after people OD is closing the stable door after the horse ...

  May 19th 2009

Bureaucratic drugs workers have become the arm of the state

While the government howls about how 'treatment works', humanity gets lost in the bureaucracy of it all. And drugs workers, for ...


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