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  July 11th 2009

Following up on a story on the internet, we ask whether internet access is a useful tool if you‘re homeless

The move by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) to ensure the homeless have internet access, reported in last issue, ...

  May 23rd 2009

Reversing through prison, heroin addiction, self-harm, muscular dystrophy, bullying, child abuse and a violent father, you get to know this spiky character

A tale about a homeless man in Cambridge has won the prestigious Guardian First Book Award. Alexander Masters scooped the ¬¨¬...

  May 23rd 2009

Who‘s been sleeping in my bed, asks a West London in-patient

It's true that hostel spaces are at a premium, and that the Met Office were predicting a harsh winter, but a hospital bed can't ...

  May 23rd 2009

The Ordinary Boys‘ lead singer donates his share of the winnings to St Patrick‘s Night Shelter

After being evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House in 4th place, The Ordinary Boys' lead singer, Samuel Preston is sure to...


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