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  May 22nd 2009

The police must tell you why you are being stopped and searched, say our legal eagles

The Pavement's legal eagles, Kellie and Jen, deal with criminal record checks... A young man came to see us last week compla...

  May 21st 2009

What are the rights of people who have been trafficked into the UK?

Human trafficking - The law and your rights Information supplied by the College of Law pro bono unit. People trafficking is t...

  May 21st 2009

What the Housing Act means to you and how to get assistance

"Kellie! We really can't have this infernal tinsel everywhere I turn," I exclaimed, as I tried to untangle myself from the glitt...

  May 21st 2009

Could you qualify for the tax-free benefit for people with a physical or mental disability?

"Goodness me, Henry," Kellie chided gently. "We expected you over three hours ago!" "I'm terribly sorry," he replied. "It too...


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