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  May 25th 2009

Henrietta Hughes, from Fort Myers, highlighted the problem of US homelessness at a town hall meeting

Henrietta Hughes, a homeless woman from Fort Myers, Florida, highlighted the huge problems of homelessness in the US when she st...

  May 24th 2009

Volunteers with experience of addiction and homelessness reach out a hand to help others

It has been a long road to recovery for Rudi Richardson. After 34 years of drug and alcohol addiction and a series of life event...

  May 24th 2009

Shelter expresses concerns over Northern Rock‘s ‘aggressive‘ approach to repossessions

The credit crunch looks increasingly likely to create a knock-on effect in the number of people without a permanent address. ...

  May 24th 2009

Teenage arsonists are found guilty of manslaughter after a blaze in which two died of carbon monoxide poisoning

Two teenage brothers, aged 14 and 19, from Stoke on Trent, have been found guilty of arson and manslaughter after setting a fire...

  May 24th 2009

Lancashire man on road to recovery

Just before the new year, an unnamed homeless man in his mid 30s was severely burnt when his sleeping bag caught fire. He was...


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