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Katy Taylor specialises in social affairs and women?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s issues. An award-winning interviewer, she writes for the Evening Standard and has been published in the Guardian, New Statesman and on the Fabian Society's Next Left blog. Prior to training as journalist, Katy worked with vulnerable adults in the voluntary and statutory sectors.

  February 11th 2011

Homeless woman to run Dublin marathon for the Doorway Project

A London-based, rough-sleeping blogger is running the Dublin marathon to raise money for a rural homeless charity. Despite ha...

  July 4th 2010

...despite a lack of interest from the UK‘s press

A missing rough sleeper who was thought to have only 24 hours left to live has been found alive and well, despite a lack of inte...

  July 4th 2010

Activist shocked by Alaskan homelessness

A veteran documentary maker and homeless advocate has said he was shocked as he travelled around America's most northerly and sp...

  June 7th 2010

Herne Hill residents have petitioned Lambeth Council to let four squatters remain as neighbours

Residents of the wealthy 'yummy mummy' area of Herne Hill, south London, have petitioned the council to let four squatters remai...

  June 7th 2010

Three dollars a day buys you bed, board and a lot of sunshine

Meanwhile, a somewhat different approach is also leading to an increase in the homeless population of one island. Hawaii has...

  May 6th 2010

Smaller charities working with homeless people may get swallowed

The number of charities working on behalf of homeless people may fall as smaller charities are swallowed up in the wake of the r...

  April 3rd 2010

The scrabble to win the hearts of housing campaigners ahead of the election has begun

The scrabble to win the hearts of housing campaigners ahead of the election has begun. There have been no fewer than 18 major ...

  March 5th 2010

Hilary Benn highlights waste food mountain

A government minister has urged the UK's largest food retailers to donate leftover goods to charity food distributors such as Fa...

  February 4th 2010

Organised squatters can get a list of empty properties if they ask their council

The location of more than 800 vacant houses in the London Borough of Lambeth was published last year following a Freedom of Info...

  November 13th 2009

Come to St Martin‘s on 12 November.

London's homeless dead shall not be forgotten, thanks the annual commemoration service held in St Martin in the Fields this mont...

  November 13th 2009

If you‘re in Nottingham, get fit

A support service in Nottingham is offering service users free gym membership. Thanks to donations from NHS Nottingham City, ...

  September 28th 2009

A new project teaching bike maintenance and safety has gained a passionate following

A new project teaching bike maintenance and safety has gained a passionate following. "It's a company that's running right, a...

  September 28th 2009

Allegations of financial impropriety have led to an official independent inquiry

Exactly what instigated the investigation into the money management of Novas Scarman, until now a large homeless hostel provider...

  September 27th 2009

The Novas Group is exonerated but not off the hook

One of London's largest homeless charities is continuing to make headlines with allegations of budget-breaking shopping trips an...

  September 10th 2009

Californian homeless services illegally banned life-saving animals

Californian homeless services may have to pay out for an illegal ban against life-saving animals from their premises. The Hou...

  July 11th 2009

One in 10 people struggles with rent or mortgages, says Crisis, and it‘s going to get worse

The number of people who will be made homeless in 2009 looks set to soar as the credit crunch bites into the poorest people's jo...

  July 7th 2009

Refurb work starts

Work has begun to make London day centre The Connection at St Martin's habitable again. Earlier this year, a service user contac...

  June 2nd 2009

Planning around a London cathedral highlights a common problem

The homeless are to be "designed out" of Westminster as part of the Council's new £4m Action Plan to regenerate the area ...

  May 25th 2009

One-way system delays fire engine trying to reach man in blazing sleeping bag

The Pavement now has more details on a homeless man who started the year covered in burns after his sleeping bag caught fire (re...

  May 25th 2009

Preston‘s homeless, petrol-drinking criminal icon is popular with the public, if not the authorities

With 1,458 'friends', it might seem like everyone wants Toxic Terry around, but Preston's homeless, petrol-drinking criminal ico...

  May 24th 2009

Rough sleepers are being turned away from Cambridge‘s hostels as the recession bites

More young people are likely to be forced to sleep in the streets as a result of the credit crunch and increased pressure on hom...

  May 24th 2009

Prince William recalls visits to Centrepoint with the late Princess Diana

The homeless charity favoured by the late Princess Diana received an emotional visit from her son Prince William in early Novemb...

  May 24th 2009

Comedian makes a homeless man‘s dreams come true

A comedian better known for controversy than kindness showed he had a heart after all when he made a homeless man's Christmas wi...

  May 24th 2009

The government‘s focus on getting people into private sector housing ignores the fundamental lack of available housing, say critics

A fresh push to reduce the number of rough sleepers to almost zero by 2012 has been outlined in a new government strategy. Th...

  January 2nd 1970

More than half of London‘s "entrenched homeless" helped into housing, claims Homeless Link

More than half of London's "entrenched homeless" have been helped into housing as the clean-up before the Olympics continues...

  January 2nd 1970

North London charity revamped

North London charity Branches, which provided 24-hour drop-in support services to homeless men and women in Walthamstow, is unde...


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