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  July 11th 2009

Edinburgh council chiefs withdraw contract offers at the last minute

Cost-cutting of homeless services in Edinburgh are in disarray after council chiefs withdrew a series of contract offers to char...

  May 25th 2009

Local authorities must be notified when repossession proceedings start

The Scottish Government has just agreed with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) that Section 11 will come into...

  May 24th 2009

The problems the charity was formed to combat are still acute: Shelter estimates a minimum of 10,000 additional lets are needed

This year Shelter Scotland marks its 40th anniversary. At its launch in 1968, the charity was faced a situation even more comple...

  May 24th 2009

The Proclaimers‘ anthem reminds most Scots of home

After months of campaigning, Shelter Scotland has just revealed the top song that reminded the public of home in it's 'Hometime ...

  May 24th 2009

Latest figures show that 13,000 homes were repossessed last year. A hotel proprietor in Edinburgh wanted to do his bit to ease the crisis, and ended up with a fight on his hands

In the throes of the most serious economic downturn in history, the only way is down: financial experts say the worst is yet to ...


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