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  July 11th 2009

Designers hope plastic domes will shelter homeless communities

Designers in Italy and America are hoping that plastic domes will help in the fight to provide shelter for their homeless commun...

  July 11th 2009

Officers were unprepared for Talet Habibian‘s home...

It was the fairy tale story that only seemed real in the movies - a slumdog who becomes a millionaire. But now police in Iran ha...

  May 25th 2009

National Problem Gambling Clinic will support some of the country‘s 250,000 addicts

The NHS has launched its first clinic to help gambling addicts as part of a 12-month trial which it hopes will improve understan...

  May 25th 2009

Charing Cross case was a serious assault, not murder, says Metropolitan Police

Rumours that a homeless person was murdered near Charing Cross police station are unfounded, the Metropolitan Police has said. ...

  May 25th 2009

Cyber drifters bed down in the cheapest accommodation in Tokyo

Japan's growing number of jobless are finding new ways of coping with the costs of living, by making their permanent home in sma...


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