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Liza is a final year journalism and contemporary history student at City University/Queen Mary University in London, and has a particular interest in humanitarian and social issues, crime and corruption.

  December 10th 2011

The new face of political protest in St Paul’s and Finsbury Square

  Traditionally, political protests might see placard-waving marchers on a street raising awareness of issues that were cl...

  December 9th 2010

New definitions would - helpfully, for the government - lower the numbers

A homeless person, to most people, is someone without a roof over their head. However, the tricky language used to define home...

  December 9th 2010

Source of flesh-eating bug still unknown

A flesh-eating disease has claimed four homeless victims in Canada, prompting health authorities to issue warnings to shelters...

  October 1st 2010

Victoria hostels will not close at the same time

The management of two hostels in Victoria have denied that their refurbishment would lead to both being closed at the same time....

  September 9th 2010

The number has gone down. Or up. But in either case, homelessness prevention advisers are axed...

The Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) has released figures showing a decrease in the number of rough sleeper...

  September 9th 2010

Three officers are elleged to have rounded up and dumped homeless people

Three police officers in Canada are facing disciplinary action after allegedly rounding-up local homeless people, taking them on...

  May 6th 2010

Swedish scavenger leaves a fortune

A scavenger from Sweden who spent 40 years collecting tins to sell for pennies has died, shocking his relatives by leaving behin...

  April 3rd 2010

Fire did not kill rough sleeper

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of committing arson and concealing a body after the remains of rough sleeper Stephen Law...

  April 3rd 2010

Former ad executive discovered people sleeping in sub-zero temperatures

A blogger in China has used the power of the internet to save 14 disabled people from sleeping rough on the streets of Beijing....

  January 2nd 2010

We meet a man who monitors how frontline services are being affected by government proposals

The national news is full of stories about government funding cuts, but it is not just large news outlets that are monitoring ...

  January 2nd 1970

Police trespassed, says judge

Police searching a room within a hostel have been labelled "trespassers" by a High Court Judge. At the hearing last month, th...


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