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  February 11th 2011

At least 200 people are living rough in Southall, claims volunteer group

According to the Sikh Welfare Awareness Team (Swat), at least 200 people are living rough in Southall, reports the Ealing Gaze...

  February 11th 2011

Fear of violence is leading rough sleepers to avoid town centre

Fear of violence is leading rough sleepers to avoid bedding down in Stroud town centre, according to the Marah Trust, a homele...

  November 2nd 2010

Excellent niche services lead people to fabricate a military connection

The number of ex-military people sleeping rough is a lot smaller than government estimates, according to specialist charity Ve...

  November 2nd 2010

Penalties rise in response to rash of vicious attacks in the state

Back in June, we reported that local governments in Florida and California were introducing laws to bring crimes against homel...

  October 1st 2010

Ex-rough sleeper raises £750 for the organisation that supported him

Having recently completed his second walk to raise money for a local youth charity, ex-rough sleeper Peter Pickles is becoming q...

  September 9th 2010

More and more ‘Obamaville‘settlements are springing up

Back in the April issue of The Pavement (London and Scotland), we brought you news of a report, Tent Cities in America: A Pacifi...

  September 9th 2010

Reactions to the proposed statue commemorating Alberta‘s homeless dead are mixed

The city of Edmonton in the state of Alberta, Canada, is currently awaiting final approval from its city council to spend $36,00...

  June 7th 2010

A mobile phone app is attracting criticism for stereotyping young, homeless people

A downloadable mobile phone game - known as an 'app' - to raise awareness of youth homelessness is attracting criticism for ster...

  June 7th 2010

Local governments in California and Florida will ensure crimes against homeless people carry heavy penalties

Local governments in California and Florida are introducing new laws to bring crimes against homeless people under the banner of...

  May 6th 2010

LA shelter residents get an unusual incentive to register their details

In an attempt to entice homeless people staying in emergency shelters in Los Angeles to register their details for the latest ce...

  May 6th 2010

homeless people are being forced off the streets to hide the nation‘s poverty

A surge of activity forcing homeless people off South African streets is underway in a move to hide the extent of poverty from W...

  April 3rd 2010

The City Commission will consider banning untrained people from giving food to rough sleepers

In the US, Miami's local council, the Miami City Commission, will consider a proposal next month that could prevent untrained p...

  April 3rd 2010

Rock star to visit shelters and day centres

Jon Bon Jovi is taking time out of his latest tour to visit shelters and day centre programmes, as part of a "fact-finding ...

  March 5th 2010

Police describe attack as brutal and callous

Four men have been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent after a vicious attack that left a homeless man hospita...

  March 5th 2010

IPCC investigates the death of a 46-year-old homeless Oxfordshire man

  The death of a 46-year-old homeless man, whose body was found above a post office in Witney, Oxfordshire, on 26 January,...

  February 4th 2010

Vivienne Westwood‘s latest show raises eyebrows

Men with dishevelled and dusty hair, wheeling shopping trolleys and emerging from cardboard boxes, models treading a catwalk, st...


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