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Your rights

The Rights Guide for Rough Sleepers outlines your rights around arrest, stop and search, answering police questions, move-ons, no-drinking zones, sleeping rough, taking a pee in public and highway obstruction. It was put together by The Pavement, Housing Justice, Liberty and Zacchaeus 2000.

If your benefits have been sanctioned (cut off or reduced) and you feel this is unfair, you can appeal. Print this letter and hand it in at the office where you sign on. If you feel you need more advice about sanctions, contact  Zacchaeus 2000 or your nearest  Citizen’s Advice Bureau. And let us know london@thepavement.org.uk at The Pavement!



If you are a journalist with some free time to research and write stories for the magazine, please contact us. If you're interested in finding other volunteering opportunities, contact homeless services directly
(services is a good first step) or visit do-it.org or volunteering.org.uk for further ideas.


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Barka UK (Reconnections Project)


0207 275 7768

Monday–Wednesday: 9am–4pm (helpline – Polish, Russian, Romanian and English)

Website: bit.ly/1r1LCpo

Offers Eastern European rough sleepers the opportunity to return home. Help with obtaining passports & transportation. Also information on employment, benefits, NI, the law, organisations supporting CEE migrants. Information on CEE Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous groups. The helpline (0800 171 2926) is provided in Polish & English.

Accommodation/housing advice, Alcohol workers, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Drugs workers, Legal advice, Outreach worker links

Crisis Skylight (London)

66 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT

020 7426 5650

Monday–Friday: 2pm–8pm
Saturday–Sunday: 11am–5pm

Map   Website: bit.ly/10pf1F

Workshop programme from the website. Additional support available regarding employment (inc. specialist service for E Europeans), housing, mental health and well-being, and from the progression team.

Education/training, Mental health, Step-free

Doctors of the World (Praxis)

Praxis, Pott Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 0EF


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1pm–5pm (register for an appointment after 11am – first come, first served)
Saturday: 2pm–5pm (for families & children – first Sat of month)
Saturday: 10am–1pm (for pregnant women – first Sat of month)

Map   Website: bit.ly/1B0MjST

Information, advice and practical assistance to help vulnerable people access NHS and other services. Some basic healthcare and advocacy for people who have problems accessing healthcare. Clinic advice line: 020 75157534 (advice line, 10am?12midday). Closed on Bank Holidays.

Advocacy, Medical/health

East European Advice Centre

Room 18, The Polish Centre, 238?246 King Street, London W6 9LP

020 8741 1288

Monday–Friday: 9:30am–4:30pm (advice line)

Map   Website: bit.ly/1qCIihS

Free, independent and impartial advice and casework to Eastern European migrants: homelessness prevention (Advice Line 0800 121 4226) and casework, employment rights campaign, outreach to elderly Eastern Europeans. West London boroughs only. Services in English and Polish; language support in Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Hungarian with some notice. Appointments only - please ring first.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Legal advice, Outreach workers

Hackney Migrant Centre

St Mary's New Church Rooms, Spenley Walk, Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 9ES

Wednesday: 10am–4pm

Map   Website: bit.ly/1DEJqd9

Free advice and support for refugees and migrants. Free immigration advice. First 40 visitors only; arrive early with documents or paperwork.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Legal advice

Holy Trinity Brompton Shelter

Queen?s Gate (St Augustin?s), London SW7 5LP

020 7590 8248

Wednesday & Friday: 9am–2pm (day shelter; office hours 8am–4pm)
November to March
Wednesday: 7pm–10pm (winter shelter)
Tuesday: 9:30am–5:30pm (office hours)

Map   Website: bit.ly/2vB3qkM

Safe, non-judgmental place where all are welcome. Food, advice, friendship and practical support in a non-threatening Christian environment. Hot breakfast, coffee bar and a range of activities. Guests can receive counselling, debt and welfare advice, and alcohol and drug support through partner organisations.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Alcohol workers, Bathroom/showers, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Counselling, Debt advice, Food, Food (free), Internet access, Mental health, Outreach worker links, Outreach workers

Olallo House


01707 671080

Monday–Sunday: Open 24 hours

Map   Website: bit.ly/1C3vpFx

A six- to eight-week week employment project for Eastern European/Central European migrants who are verified rough sleepers and who are able and motivated to work with support. Referral vi their outreach team.

Careers advice, Education/training

Thames Reach (London Reconnection Project)

Hudson House, 1 Stockwell Green, Stockwell, London SW9 9JF

0870 383 3322

Map   Website: bit.ly/M7nDX

Helps rough sleepers to return to their home countries of Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Hungary. Enables returning migrants to access appropriate services, ie drugs and alcohol workers, work advisors.

Careers advice, Outreach worker links


Upper Room, St Saviour Church, Cobbold Road, London W12 9LN

Monday & Friday: 5:30pm–6:45pm (hot supper)
Monday & Tuesday: 12am–5pm (UR4JOBS)
Wednesday: 10am–5pm (Polish language counselling)

Map   Website: bit.ly/1vMOGsA

Help in finding work and education. Ring for appointment: 07967 312 207 is English and Polish; 07772 473554 is English and Romanian.


Huggard Centre, Huggard Buildings, Hansen Street, Cardiff, Wales CF10 5NQ


Monday–Sunday: 8:30am–7:30pm (day centre)

Map   Website: bit.ly/1mq7cyv

Day centre and allied hostel for persons who are homeless or suffering from psychological or physical infirmity or who by for reason of adverse circumstances are thereby in need of help.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Alcohol workers, Bathroom/showers, Bedding, Benefits advice, Clothing store, Counselling, Debt advice, Dentist, Drugs workers, Education/training, Food (free), Medical/health, Needle exchange, Outreach worker links, Outreach workers, Tenancy support

The Whitechapel Centre

Langsdale Street, Liverpool, North East L3 8DU

0151 207 7617

Monday–Sunday: 8am–8pm (homeless resolution hub, enablement activities)

Map   Website: bit.ly/N3gc0G

Works with people who are sleeping rough, living in hostels or struggling to manage their accommodation. Committed to helping people find and maintain a home and learn the life skills essential for independent living. No Second Night Out phone line: 0300 123 2041 (24/7)

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Alcohol workers, Art classes, Bathroom/showers, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Clothing store, Debt advice, Drugs workers, Education/training, Ex-forces, Ex-offenders, Food (free), Foot care, Internet access, Laundry, Leisure facilities, Mental health, Music/drama, Outreach workers, Tenancy support

St Petrock?s

10 Cathedral Yard, Exeter, South West EX1 1HJ

01392 422396

Monday–Friday: 9am–1pm (drop-in)
Wednesday & Friday: 10am–12am (mental health practitioner)
Tuesday & Thursday: 2pm–4pm (probation, housing, jobs etc)
Monday: 2pm–4pm (women's group)
Monday & Thursday: 9am–12am podiatrist Monday, nurse Thursday)
Tuesday: 11am–1pm (alternative healing)

Map   Website: bit.ly/1OGdaLm

Accommodation/housing advice, Alcohol workers, Art classes, Bathroom/showers, Bedding, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Clothing store, Counselling, Debt advice, Drugs workers, Education/training, Ex-forces, Ex-offenders, Food, Food (free), Foot care, Internet access, Laundry, Legal advice, Leisure activities, Medical/health, Mental health, Music/drama, Outreach worker links, Sexual health, Tenancy support


45 Bloom Street, Manchester, North West M1 3LY

0161 237 3223

Monday–Friday: 10am–2pm (support office)

Map   Website: bit.ly/IQ6Qns

NB: Drop-in centre closed until Autumn 2015 for building work, but support offices are open and outreach teams are on the streets Monday-Thursday evenings. (Activities are free and a timetable will be available when they reopen.) Opening hours for the drop-in centre to be confirmed. Support workers incl Eastern European language speakers.

Accommodation/housing advice, Art classes, Bathroom/showers, Bedding, Benefits advice, Clothing store, Debt advice, Dentist, Food, Internet access, Medical/health, Outreach worker links, Outreach workers, Tenancy support

Prebend Day Centre

12-14 Prebend Street, Bedford, East of England MK40 1QW

01234 365955

Monday–Sunday: 8:30am–12:30am

Map   Website: bit.ly/1WGpekg

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Alcohol workers, Art classes, Barber, Bathroom/showers, Bedding, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Clothing store, Counselling, Debt advice, Dentist, Drugs workers, Ex-forces, Ex-offenders, Food, Food (free), Foot care, Internet access, Laundry, Legal advice, Leisure activities, Leisure facilities, Luggage storage, Medical/health, Mental health, Outreach worker links, Outreach workers, Sexual health, Tenancy support

Bosnia Herzegovina UK Network

Bosnia House, 36 Medley Road, Birmingham , Nationwide B11 2NE

0121 772 3052

Monday–Friday: 9am–5pm

Map   Website: bit.ly/9Z6yiX

Advice for Bosnian people, including asylum seekers and refugees. Advice on employment, training, housing. Translation and interpreting service. Phone or arrange an appointment.

Accommodation/housing advice, Careers advice, Leisure activities

Community Legal Helpline

143 St John?s Road, Huddersfield HD2 2FA, Nationwide

0845 2 699799

Monday–Friday: 10am–5pm

Text (07867794620 ? ring back service) or email info@communitylegalhelpline.org.uk in your preferred language to get a translator if your English is not good enough to wor with the UK legal system.

Advocacy, Legal advice

No Accommodation Network (NACCOM)


Website: bit.ly/1qm5gbf

Informal network of agencies providing accommodation for migrants who have no recourse to public funds. Please consult the website for your nearest project.

Positive Action In Housing

98 West George Street, Glasgow, Scotland G2 1PJ

0141 353 2220

Monday: 9am–1pm
Tuesday: 2pm–4pm (destitution service)
Wednesday & Thursday: 10am–12am (destitution service, welfare rights)
Wednesday & Thursday: 2pm–4pm (EU drop-in)
Friday: 9am–4pm

Map   Website: bit.ly/1w5sK6W

Independent, multilingual homelessness and human rights charity dedicated to supporting people from refugee and migrant communities. They believe in a society where everyone has the right to live safe and dignified lives, free from poverty, homelessness or discrimination.

Accommodation/housing advice, Food (free)

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