CODES: AH: Accommodation/housing advice, AD: Advocacy, A: Alcohol workers, AC: Art classes, B: Barber, BS: Bathroom/showers, BE: Bedding, BA: Benefits advice, CA: Careers advice, CL: Clothing store, C: Counselling, DA: Debt advice, DT: Dentist, DW: Drugs workers, ET: Education/training, EF: Ex-forces, EO: Ex-offenders, F: Food, FF: Food (free), FC: Foot care, IT: Internet access, L: Laundry, LA: Legal advice, LA: Leisure activities, LF: Leisure facilities, LS: Luggage storage, MS: Medical/health, MH: Mental health, MD: Music/drama, NE: Needle exchange, OL: Outreach worker links, OW: Outreach workers, SH: Sexual health, SF: Step-free, TS: Tenancy support,
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