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The star and the Canadian rough sleeper

May 19th 2009

David Woods, aka Stress
Actor Colin Farrell showed his generous side when he took a homeless man on a £1,000 shopping spree. The Irish star took the man to a store in Toronto, Canada and bought him waterproof jackets, trousers, boots and socks. Store manager Dave Bott said: "The homeless guy was grabbing whatever he wanted. Colin was walking around with him and doing the same thing. He grabbed a sleeping bag and backpack, came back down and grabbed more clothing." Farrell, 31, then took the man, whose street name is Stress, to a cash machine, where he withdrew around £410 to cover his first month's rent. He was in Toronto promoting his new film Cassandra's Dream, which is directed by Woody Allen and was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Farrell first met Stress four years ago when he was in Toronto shooting a film. He helped him win a $2,000 prize offered by a radio station which that said it would pay the prize to anyone who brought the actor to their studio. Farrell heard about the contest, found Stress on the street and took him to the station to claim the prize.

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