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March 10th 2011

In February, The Pavement received the briefing documents for No Second Night Out (NSNO), the project due to start in April as part of the Mayor of London's drive to end rough sleeping in the capital by the end of 2012.

We spoke to Petra Salva, director of NSNO, about how it will run and concerns about who will be waiting at its Hub for those brought in. She told us that the Hub will run 24 hours a day, from the same building as the Margery Street rolling shelter, and have eight assessment staff and a team of four working on reconnections. Contrary to some fears, "there will not be police or UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials based at the assessment Hub."

The Hub will not be a walk-in service, but, Salva said, "referrals will come through outreach teams." This will sometimes include the help of London Street Rescue van, and it may include referrals from the police, although "protocols for this are yet to be established."

When asked whether illegal immigrants referred to the hub would be passed to UKBA, Salva said, "I anticipate that we will see people who have a range of needs and issues and this may include people who have immigration issues. We will have to assess each situation individually and will need to determine the best course of action with that person and seek advice. We cannot force people to take up the service."

She added: "For the situation you described, voluntary reconnection is always the best option and that is why we will have a dedicated team who will be working on this."

Ms Salva was clear that it wasn't about enforcement and that "NSNO cannot force people to take up its services."

With worries expressed by some readers and agencies about the Hub, and despite it running alongside more "assertive approaches" by individual boroughs, it plans to offer a welcoming service to those that want their help.

How it works in practice remains to be seen.

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