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The names

December 10th 2011


The church of St Martin-in-the-Fields was the venue for London’s annual service to commemorate those homeless people who had died in the capital during the last year.

The moving service (pictured) on 10 November was lead by Reverend Richard Carter of St Martin-in-the-Fields with readings from representatives from several organisations. Music was provided by The Choir with No Name and Streetwise Opera.

146 names were read out in this year’s service: Allan Ross, A Czarnolecki, Andrew Duncan, Andrezej Moskal, Andrzej Czaznolecki, Andy Howarth, Anthony Barnett, Anthony Bates, Anthony Quine, Aziz Badr, Barry Townsend, Bernard Jordan, Bertie Lazere, Brian Sears, Brian Wells, Carmen Hudson, Caroline Miller, Charles Mbanugo, Charlie Begley, Charlie Garrad, Christopher Collie, Colin Bowles, Colin Jones, Constance Gilbert, Damien Whyte, Daniel Foster, Darren Durbridge, David Hannington, Dominick McGinley, Dusan Soltes, Edward Feely, Edward O’Donnell, Eileen Cole, Emile Marciny, Franco Tudisco, Frank Wilmot, Fuaad Kulle, Garry Burton, Garry Rawlings, George Fairburn, George Noskov, George Robertson, Gerald Raymond Mimant, Gerald Robinson, Gerry Gault, Gordon Cooper, Graham Mills, Harry Hogben, Hassan Khan, Henry Bondarenko, Ian St James, Irene Littler, Jackie Jones, James Jones, James Wagner, Jane Dixey, Jane Howard, Jason Hicks, Jeremy York, John Buist, John Collins, John Hickey, John Wotton, Joseph Matthews, Josephine Morrisey, Jozef Valo, Justin Burton, Karen Siviter, Karim Amekran, Keith Doran, Kelson Agar, Kenneth Suominen, Kevin Castle, Kevin Conway, Kevin Peart, Kevin West, Kryzysztof Krol, Kumar Patel, Lee Tidy, Liton Miah, Louise Coffee, Luis Lopes, Lyndsey Brown, Madge Caro, Maria Maio, Marice Sydney Taylor, Mark Kerwin, Marquesse Andreaux-Xavier, Matthew Pycroft, Maurice Stovell, Mehmet Kondje, Michael Farrell, Michael Mansfield, Michael McShane, Michael Murphey, Michael Wilkinson, Mieczyslaw Dymny, Mitta Beard (volunteer), Mohammed Tariq, Narindar Singh, Noel Abeyratne, Noel Long, Norman Walker, Omar Abdilahi, Orhan Kartar, Oscar Lazurka, Ozell Buntin, Pandi Parirenyatwa, Patricia Anderson, Patricia Boylan, Patrick Kiely, Paul Richardson, Peter Ambrose, Peter Belasse, Peter Jackson, Raimonds Pavlovs, Rami Morakinyo, Ricardas Sireika, Richard Merritt, Richard Sutcliffe, Robert Williamson O’Brien, Roxanne Johnso, Saafel-Bel Hadj-Meftah, Sadik Miah, Sandy Braun, Sashana Roberts, Simon McAndrew, Stanislaw Diller, Stephen Merchant, Stephen Sargeant, Stephen Smith, Steve (George) Crooks, Taffy Owen, Terry Chappell, Terry Foster, Terry Nabdoo, Thomas Corley, Thomas Fallon, Thomas McArthur, Thomas Neitze, Thomas Newbold, Thomas Norvilas, Tim Leach, Tony Quine, William Duncan, Wladek Krupa.


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