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Homeless hobbies: No 1 - Collecting Chick books

May 19th 2009

It's hard to pin down when Jack Chick's comic books first appeared in the UK, but ever since he "was overcome with the realisation that these teens were on their way to hell" his particular brand of hellfire, militia paranoia and conspiracy-fuelled politics have spread around the world. Chick produces his comics in a dozen languages, and most end up being given out with sandwiches in church halls or on evangelical soup runs. They are fun to collect in their variety, and small enough to fit a dozen in you pocket. With religion mixed in with warnings against the political dominance of the UN and Mormon agents undermining our morals, their content is a little off-beat, but they come in so many colours.

April 2005



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The trouble with an ASBO

Trench foot and getting a GP

Homeless hobbies: No 1 - Collecting Chick books

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