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Your View: Foodbanks shame

November 5th 2014

The number of people who rely on food banks, such as the hugely popular Greater Maryhill Foodbank in Glasgow, has soared by 400 per cent over the past 12 months. Photograph © Brenda Brown

When I was homeless, I went to foodbanks three times. Each time I really needed the help. Each time I've been made to beg. Made to submit. Made to run from the Job Centre because they refused to issue a voucher until 25 minutes before the foodbank closed.

I’ve had to write to my MP because I was told I’d had “enough” (three) foodbank vouchers for 12 months.

Whose place is it to decide how much food is enough? Why do you restrict the ability of people to simply self-assess their own needs and discreetly collect some food to support themselves and their families?

Why must there be shame attached to using the foodbank? The people who need your help are at the lowest of the low already. It's no help at all on a cold, wet night, to be told that the next foodbank opening is several days away.


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