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Rough sleeping Catch 22

December 2nd 2014

In response to info on Public Spaces Protection Orders and the Anti-Social Behaviour Act...

I have been homeless for the past six years. I have tried four councils, all of whom say I have no local connection.

I can understand the government wanting to bring in certain laws since the increase of immigration, but sleeping on the streets is already bad enough as it is.

My boyfriend yesterday was sitting somewhere – not even begging – and people there were quite happy with him, as he minds his own business. The police came along and said that the new laws had been brought in. What is he supposed to do now? I cannot really tolerate going to a day centre, nor Shepherd's Bush hub.

What happens when you get sanctioned for benefits (and subsequently get evicted) or you don't have a local connection to any council, or don't have the right ID even to get into a day centre? How are you supposed to pay this fine if you don‘t have the money?

Councils and London Street Rescue are stating they need to see you sleeping on the streets for three nights, and now the police are going to arrest people for sleeping on the streets. This needs to be taken up with councils and the government!

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December 2014



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