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Soup runs: a reader replies

March 2nd 2015

In response to our February article on soup runs:

I used to sleep rough around Westminster cathedral. Nearly two years ago I was offered the chance to get back on track and now I work as bellman in a five-star hotel.

Though I’ve moved on, I will never be thankful enough for all those charities coming to us with food. To see people cared about me helped me to keep going.

There is a warm feeling to interact with volunteers. Soup runs area lifeline that give you hope.

A number of homeless people have had negative experiences with what I would call the ’official’ charities. I was excluded from one day centre when I was sleeping around Westminster cathedral. I complained and was allowed to come back.

With the soup runs volunteers, I was always treated with respect and love.

That was really important.

Fabrice Rochange, London (by email)


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