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Half of homeless in Oz under 25

May 5th 2015

Almost half of homeless people in Australia are under the age of 25, according to the National Youth Coalition for Housing.

The charity, which has been promoting the national online campaign ‘Youth Homelessness Matters Day’ (on April 15), found that 26,000 young people under 25 were homeless, 42 per cent of the total homeless population.

Coalition chairwoman Joanna Siejka told ABC: “Maybe they’ve seen a young person who’s struggling and by reaching out early it actually prevents them from getting to a point where they need to go to a crisis service or go to a service for early intervention”.

The NYCH is a group of social advocates who believe that too many young people are moving out of home with nowhere to go, to escape violence, abuse and relationships.


May/Jun 2015



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