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July 6th 2015

I liked the article 'Out of the Darkness' in The Pavement's May/June issue, but wanted to call you out on the sentence apparently disparaging methadone.

The sentence after it doesn't follow on or give any further explanation. The rest of the article then points out that recovery can take a long time and many tries, for which still being alive is usually a good prerequisite.

Could you revisit this otherwise excellent article, which currently appears to contain random anti-methadone propaganda without any context?

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The Pavement apologises for the mis-reporting of a story in its September 2014 issue; 'Three charged with murder'. In this news-in-brief article we wrongly gave the impression that those charged had already been tried. In fact, the trial has yet to start. We apologise to Margaret McKellar and her family for the distress caused.

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