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Living water

November 5th 2015

On 5 November, the names of 192 people who died homeless over the past year were read out at the annual service of remembrance at St Martin- in-the-Fields. Friends from the street and from the services they used told stories about them, and humour was mixed with the sadness. And The Choir with No Name and Streetwise Opera, who get better with every passing year, rounded off the service with touching and rousing songs.

The names

Balvinder Ajimal, Robert Alexander, Steven Allan, Grace Allen, Peter Alsop, Leslie Stephen Anderson, Hilary Anyanwu, Luke Ayres

Lester Banfield, Donald Barlow, Kieran Bartlett, Alexander Benson, Mervin Bishop, David Bitebite, Vernon Ricardo Bradshaw, Andrew Branski, Peter Brooks, Vincent Brown, James Browne, Mark Browne , Andrew Bunn, Emma Burgess, William/Billy Byrne Burns, Marek Buzsta

Billy Campbell, Roy Charlton, Edward Chenney, Dianne Cogswell, Patrick Conlon, Frank Connelly, Rosemary Constable, David Cooney, Thomas Cooper, Geoffrey Cording, Patricia Coutter, Michael Cronin, Graham Cunningham, Marek Cuprisz, Kelvin Cutting, Marek Cymer, Miroslaw Czupryniak

Steven Dare, Terry Davis, Simon Davison, Earl Day, Agostinho de sa Gomes, Edward Dennington, Andrew Derby, John Derrane, Mark Diffin, Michael Dixon, Thomas Dougherty, Veronica Droney, Wieslaw 'Victor' Dudzinsky, Robert Dunn

Vincent Ewins

Julien Falla, Benny Fernandes, Anthony 'Tony' Finnerty, Francis Flanagan, Gerald Flynn, Jim Flynn, Noel Flynn, Teresa Foley, Tom Foley, Robert Forbes, Roger Forrest, Desmond Forrester, John Foster, Paolo Franz, Ann Marie Friel

Jack Goose, Beverley Grace

Glenn Hack, Nathan Hajri, Anne Marie Handscomb, Steven Harris, Michael Hayden, Taff (Wayne) Hewitt, Denis Hogwood, Angus Howes, Ian Hughes

John Inglis, Mark Isham

Damien Jared, Jacqueline Jedrejeweski, Danny Jenkins, John Johnstone, Jurgen Jolly, Alun Jordan, Christian Jorgeson

Michal Karginski/Kardasinski, Stephen Kilpatrick, Ruby Kirubananthan, Kelly Knight, Tommy Knowles, Pawel Koseda

Robert Lambert, Richard Lane, Gareth Lee-Wah, Christopher Lewis, Jones Lewis, Daziel Lima, Lorina Lister, Scott Livingstone, Matthew Lock, John Lonergan/Allington, Corinna Lowe

Isla Mahmout, Josephine Mahon, Mark Abel Major, Nicola Malthouse, Fred McCauley, Darren McConnell, Sean Mee, Roy Millar, Dawood Saleh Mohammed, Lloyd Molyneux, Zoe Morgan, Patricia Morris, Genady Mukins, Bridget Murray, Lesley Murray, Michael Murray, Paul Myers, Martin Myles

Anne Naysmith, Ricky Neacey, Karin Nikojo, John Nimmo, Robert Noonan

Laura O’Connor, Tony O'Brien, Barry O'Leary, Gary Oliver, Florence Oskipa, Mark Owen

Tanusha Kaur Paik, Ravi Pal, Konrad Paszkowski, Paul Patterson, Cipriano Pineiro, Francois Plault, Brian Plows, Marius Poskus, Sasha Priest

Sharyn Ralston, Lucy Rayson, Peter Riley, Beris Roberts, Jakan Roberts, Finbar Rochford, Stephen Rooney, David Rose, Paul Rowe, Michael Ryan

George Sands, Nicholas Saunders, Buhde/Buta Singh, Satwinderpal Singh, Andrzej Sobczynski, Mia Sowah, Agnieszka Stachelek, David Stephenson, Sergei Stetsiuc, Phillip Henry Stevens, Cyril Stoddart, Robert Sullivan, Gary Summers, Dean Swift, Lisa Symons, Leszek Szwydowski

Thomas Tierney, Ross Tilbrook, Bruce Topps, Gerald/Gerry Traynor

Raymond Urquhart, Chinatu Uwalaku-Uko

Gena Valinurov, Peter Vaughan

Scott Walker, Tony Wall/O'Brien, Nicola Wallace, Brigitte Watson, Jason West, Alison Wheeler, Colin Whitlam, Pawel Wilk, Geoffrey Williams, Peter Wisbey, Barrie Woods, Gary Worsley, Mr Wroblewski

Janusz Zielonka.

Rest in peace.




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