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The Spice ain’t nice

January 1st 2016

Homeless charities continue to raise concerns about the increasing use of synthetic cannabis known as ‘Spice’.

In early December, The Connection at St Martin held a forum about the drug, where Spice users could share their experiences and get advice on its potential dangerous side affects.

Meanwhile Homeless Link, in partnership with the Manchester Day Centres forum, is working on a project to record all legal high “incidents”.

Although it is often a legal high (depending what’s inside), experts say Spice is up to 100 times more potent that normal cannabis. In a blog for Homeless Link, Carole Fox of Birmingham charity Sifa Fireside writes: “The physical reaction … is often dramatic. When a client has used legal highs there is a possibility that they will ‘drop like a stone’ to the floor and their complexion will take on a green and yellowish tone.

On occasion, they have also appeared extremely psychotic, and we’ve even had one incident in which a client stopped breathing.”

A recent monitoring report by Heriot Watt University and Crisis suggested that legal highs were a growing problem, both causing homelessness and making it more difficult to deal with.

For more information on Spice, visit Drugscope.


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