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The $58,000 Sleeping Bus

May 13th 2016

An Australian man who used to sleep in his car has raised enough money to buy a ‘Sleep Bus’ – a coach that he plans to convert into a homeless hostel-on-wheels in Melbourne. If you’re thinking reclining seats and snoring neighbours, think again.

The specially designed buses will feature 22 individual ‘sleep pods’, each with their own mattress and bedding, TV, lockable door, personal items locker and mobile phone charger – plus there’s under-bus storage, two toilets and eight pet kennels.

A three-month trial of the bus is due to take place from June, reported the Age. The brains behind the bus, Simon Rowe, has raised over $70,000 for the bus and trial via the crowdfunding site GoFundMe, and if the pilot is successful he plans to export the idea around the country.


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