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Calais Refugees move to Paris

December 6th 2016

Nearly 10,000 people are looking for a home in northern Europe after the French government’s forced eviction of the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in October.

Over 2,000 asylum seekers and refugees are currently camped in tents on the Avenue de Flandre in northern Paris, with more people arriving there each day.

French police have been inspecting documents of the makeshift camp’s residents. Some will be bussed to a reception centre that will hold up to 400 people at a time, to reduce the numbers on the streets. But authorities are also warning that anyone who has not yet claimed asylum could be detained or deported.

Bruno Morel of Emmaus France told The Local that a new reception centre for 400 people has opened in north Paris.

The camp has grown in size in the past weeks with Sudanese, Eritrean and Afghan migrants fleeing war and human rights abuses arriving in the area.


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