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Wellbeing: What do you need?

May 16th 2018

Our needs are seldom asked. They’re often assumed. And the answers are varied

What do you need? For some it might be a cup of tea or a pasty. For others a couple of quid towards a hostel, or, if feeling bold, some spare sanitary products.

Yes, there are people who hanker after your hard-earned beer money for strong cider or smack, but in truth what were you going to use it for? See, we are not that different after all.

We are thankful for those who drop some coppers in our Costa cups, and of course the well-meaning charity donors who remember us when they see a flake of snow.

But, without seeming ungrateful, these symbolic gestures are akin to that aunt who sends a cardigan at Christmas but never picks up the phone for a natter.

It seems the current advice for the public is to contact StreetLink (tel: 0300 500 0914), who will come and deal with us. They are professionals after all, and have a greater knowledge of needs than you or I...

Can I suggest cutting out the middle man? Instead come over for a chat, and ask us what we need. We might surprise you. Or maybe we won’t.

Matt Hobbs is a Groundswell Mental Health & Homelessness Advocate and From the Ground Up peer journalist.


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