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Hostel raided

May 21st 2009
On 30th November 2006, police carried out a series of raids on properties providing accommodation to the homeless, across Kensington and Chelsea, with Princess Beatrice House, a hostel operated by Look Ahead, being one of several properties raided. During this series of raids, it is believed that 25 people were arrested on suspicion of drug offences. Four of those arrested were residents at Princess Beatrice House, although no Class A drugs were found on the premises. Look Ahead cooperated fully with the police, and Chris Ingram, operations director for Look Ahead housing and care, said: "We have a strict no drugs policy. We will evict any residents where there is evidence of drug dealing." Princess Beatrice House in Earls Court provides supported housing for 118 single, homeless people from Kensington and Chelsea.

February 2007



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