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May 22nd 2009
The judging of a photography competition the theme of London in Spring, took place at King George's Hostel on Friday 5th May. The big name who awarded prizes for the competition was Mark Field, MP for the cities of London and Westminster. The participants were the residents and users of the facilities of King George's Hostel, which is run by housing association English Churches Housing Group (ECHG). Former rough sleeper Vincent McHughes won the competition with a picture of blooming flowers. When he shook hands with Field, the Conservative MP said that he enjoyed the competition because he could recognise the places where the pictures had been taken. "Some of them are around St James's, where I walk to work each day." The winner was given photographic equipment provided by Jessops, who sponsored the event. What was much appreciated about the MP's presence was the fact that he had come in after being up during the night with the local elections. "I haven't had much sleep at all. I stayed up all night to follow the votes count," he told The Pavement. David Jones, ECHG's project manager, said about the event: "They have been so positive about this project that we're now planning to expand it to include other photographic challenges, like doing a 'day in your life'."

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