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Hospital discharge

May 19th 2009
Dear Editor,

My beautiful daughter died in January 2006. She was discharged from hospital with multiple illnesses. I tried to stop the discharge, but the hospital still went ahead. Sadly, my daughter died shortly after due to her medical conditions.

She was a homeless drug addict, discharged without anywhere to go in winter.

My official complaint to the hospital has led to a two-year battle to try and get justice not only for my daughter, but for homeless people who might have to endure the same or similar inhumane treatment.

If you know of any organisation that is involved in a similar situation or is struggling to get the voices of the homeless heard, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.


Full name provided

Dear Lisa,

A document called Hospital Admission and Discharge: People who are homeless or living in temporary or insecure accommodation, published in December 2006 by the Department of Communities and Local Government, the Department of Health and Homeless Link, contains guidelines for the discharge of homeless patients, to avoid what happened to your daughter happening to others. But they are just that - guidelines. We'll pass on your letter to the relevant organizations for comment, and we'll also look at how it has to been implemented in a future Pavement.


February 2008



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