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New St Mungo's contract

September 26th 2009
Just after losing the contract to provide outreach work in the City, St Mungo's has won a contract to run the Westminster Street Population Team. The Pavement heard a rumour that the new St Mungo's team was tasked with targeting rough sleepers with ASBOs; however, Adam Rees told us: "The focus of the team will be on working with the street population; contrary to rumours, the team will not be issuing ASBOs or gathering evidence for ASBOs." Mr Rees added: "The team will, however, be referred people who are causing antisocial behaviour and are being seen as ASBO candidates. The idea is that by dedicating significant time to their case on the streets and addressing the social care needs of the individual, police action will be avoided." A team of four will cover the whole borough.

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