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Orwell's hostel up for sale

September 26th 2009
The future of a famous London hostel is in question after it was announced last month that Camden-based Arlington House has been put up for sale. The famous hostel, which once gave shelter to George Orwell - the author of 1984 and Animal Farm - may now be sold to the highest bidder. Its present owners, charity Novas Scarman, bought the Arlington Road hostel from the local council 15 years ago, but with a covenant that the property had to be used to provide "social housing at affordable rents for single homeless people". How this caveat will be interpreted by the buyer of one of Europe's largest hostels is unknown. One of its current residents, Frank McGucken, 38, told the Camden New Journal: "The staff hide everything under the carpet about the sale of the building. They don't tell us anything at all. It's diabolical." The Pavement will watch this story and report on what happens.

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