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Funding slashed

September 27th 2009
Projects in Scotland helping homeless and disadvantaged people are concerned that Government funding is being cut. A worker at Starter Packs, a support service in Angus, said: "The Scottish Government ended ring fencing for homelessness initiative monies last year, with the promise that no voluntary organisation would be disadvantaged. In fact, Angus Council has taken the opportunity to bring in a new system of using vouchers to be used at the three furniture projects and ourselves (Starter Packs Angus). This means the end of core funding for us all and a high degree of uncertainty. "Only those assessed as homeless by Angus Council will be able to get a voucher, which gives limited items from one of the furniture recycling projects and ourselves. There is no support to anyone who secures their own tenancy, who does not wish to go through the council or is any other type of housing need, crisis or emergency. The time scale is also very difficult. In short, there is money allocated to this scheme which will, at best, give help to about half of those assessed by Angus Council, and none at all for all others in need, and we are concerned."

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