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Man robs to return to jail

July 7th 2009
A Brighton man living rough told his wife he wanted to return to prison shortly before carrying out a bank raid. According to local paper The Argus, Peter Lines faked a hold-up at the Nationwide Building Society in Bexhill in February this year. It said Mr Lines, who had been sleeping rough, had told his wife he had nothing to live for and wanted to go back to prison. Richard Cherrill, prosecuting, said: "He had with him an object which he said was a gun. In fact, it was a deodorant can wrapped in a sock and made to look like a gun. The disguise was successful because the cashier was in fear of her life and handed over the money in the till." Richard Body, defending, said: "This was an unsophisticated robbery. He went into the police station and handed himself in the next day and told them what he had done." Mr Lines pleaded guilty to robbery and possessing an imitation firearm and appeared at Hove Crown Court to be sentenced earlier this month (June). Judge Guy Anthony adjourned sentence until 27th July, to give time for a psychiatric report to be made.

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