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In a pickle?

January 2nd 1970
A new restaurant with a difference opens in Edinburgh at the end of November. But it will be an eatery with a twist - at least three staff a year will be employed from the streets. The Green Pickle has pledged to take on and train three homeless people per year as full-timers. A spokesperson from Streetwork, the charity which helps homeless people back on their feet, was upbeat about the plan: "Lots of people on the streets are ready to work, some even have the skills, but the stigma attached to 'no fixed abode' is very strong and it's difficult for them. "I applaud The Green Pickle's sense of responsibility to the community." Similar plans to open a restaurant ran exclusively by homeless people are also well under way. The site of an abandoned store in South Bridge will be the new home of a government funded start-up, also assisted by Streetwork, who are excited about the opportunity it will give to the people they help but anxious about entering the world of business: "We know a lot about the homeless but have had to learn a lot about making money! After two years of planning though we're well on our way and should soon be able to offer a great opportunity to homeless people in Edinburgh."

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