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Yet another Facebook memorial... that's wrong

February 4th 2010
 Last March and July we ran two stories about the memorial pages for rough sleepers ‘Toxic Terry' and ‘Duvet Man' who, it turned out, were not dead.

In January we found another and - surprise, surprise! - Lenny Sprigg is alive and well in Enfield, North London. The people who started the condolences had failed to check whether he'd actually died of hypothermia in the cold weather.

People began posting rumours of the death of the Enfield man on the ‘Lenny the Tramp Appreciation Society' page and started an ‘RIP Lenny' group on the social networking site.

According to the Enfield Independent, this led to the police mounting a search, though it wasn't long before people began posting messages that they'd seen him. Posts such as "lenny is alive!!! im chatting to him now" [sic] began to appear soon after the rumours of his demise, but took a while to convince a lot of people that he wasn't dead.

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